Generation Z and the Future of Beauty

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The next generation of beauty buyers are taking a new stance on cosmetic products, and brands will need to evolve to the ever-changing needs of these consumers. It’s no secret that Generation Z’s buying patterns and preferences are evolving from trends we’ve seen in the past, and here’s how:


Gen Z supports the underdog

Unlike previous generations, Gen Z does not feel the need to extend brand loyalty to large corporations. Instead of following a “tried and true” approach to their cosmetic products, Gen Zers are keen to exploring new brands and products. Along with this newfound sense of exploration and inclusivity, the emergence of indie brands into the cosmetic market is thriving. This shift highlights a broader inclination towards novelty and diversity, reflecting a generational desire for fresh experiences and perspectives in their cosmetic choices. With a penchant for discovery, Gen Z is reshaping the landscape of the beauty industry, championing smaller brands that align with their values and aesthetic preferences. This change not only diversifies the market but also encourages innovation and creativity among brands seeking the attention of this discerning and influential consumer base.


Gen Z is looking for new product technologies

Generation Z is on the lookout for innovative product technologies. This forward-thinking demographic appreciates the strides brands make in technology, whether it's within their products, packaging, or even in the sourcing of raw materials. They consistently support brands that find creative ways to blend ingredients into their products, as well as those who are making conscious efforts toward more sustainable sourcing and packaging methods. In today's market, overflowing with options, products that represent the "cutting edge" or offer fresh methods of product delivery stand out to a generation in pursuit of unique experiences.


Gen Z values ingredient transparency

Alongside their appreciation for innovative approaches in product development, Generation Z also places high value on ingredient transparency. This informed demographic is deeply concerned with the safety and integrity of the products they use, particularly in the rapidly expanding cosmetics industry. As consumers, they are advocating for clear, honest information about what goes into the products they purchase. This demand extends beyond mere ingredient lists; Gen Z seeks comprehensive understanding of sourcing practices, the environmental impact of ingredients, and the ethical considerations behind their production. In a marketplace saturated with choices, brands that can provide this level of transparency are more likely to earn the trust and loyalty of Generation Z consumers, who prioritize not just the quality of their products, but also the values they embody.


Gen Z buys into brands with a strong social media presence

With the ever-strong presence of social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, connecting with influencers and brands has become second nature for Gen Z. To learn about a product or brand, this generation typically heads straight to a brand’s social media pages. This initial interaction is pivotal; it can either make or break a brand, highlighting the importance of engaging with their audience and posting content that resonates. Often, Gen Z's buying habits are heavily influenced by influencers and the content they encounter on their social media feeds. Hence, it’s crucial for brands to collaborate with influencers who attract a following that aligns with their target demographic, create compelling social media ads and targeted campaigns, and maintain a consistent brand aesthetic to capture Gen Z’s attention effectively.

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